Zoë & Will

A celebration thirty years in the making.

Zoë Guastella spotted her wedding and reception sites thirty years before the event took place. She had been a flower girl when her godparents Margot and Neil Goodwin married at Margot’s family property in Makonikey. Another home in her godmother’s family, located on Waban Park in Oak Bluffs, served as the reception location. As Zoë grew up and experienced those sites as places where many happy memories were created, she knew what she wanted for herself. All she needed to wait for was the right groom.

Will Knopp was happy to fill in that blank, to be pulled into Zoë’s Island history, and to get to know the Vineyard better than he had on the few visits he experienced on his own. The couple, who have known each other since the age of ten, began dating in college. They quickly developed their own Island history together, spending a week or two going to the beach, biking, fishing, and eating seafood. On September 17, 2022, Zoë and Will married with a little over a hundred family members and friends in attendance.

Budget and a knack for planning their own parties, plus a background for both in the hospitality industry, influenced Zoë and Will’s choices for vendors and guest experiences. Working with a 2021 issue of Island Weddings, they learned about and researched vendors, who in turn recommended other Island service providers. They spoke with Gina Stanley of the ArtCliff Diner in Vineyard Haven – whose catering services were a high priority for the couple – and she led them to Tilton Tents and Party Rentals, the Clambulance, and Cakes by Liz. Their photographer, David Welch, recommended JayNandez Films for videographer. “A lot of these recommendations just came up naturally as we were talking through the planning process and fleshing out our plans,” Zoë recalled.

There were some “must have” items based on their favorite Island experiences. Back Door Donuts in Oak Bluffs was one. A friend who worked at the Oak Bluffs eatery Offshore Ale Co. helped them to buy kegs of beer. Their cocktail menu featured specialty drinks named for family members as a way of bringing the personalities and memories of special people into the joyfulness of their reception.

“I found it really rewarding to be able to handpick things and not be tied into aspects of any set venue,” Will commented. “Sure, there’s a downside to not buying a package – but then you really get to put your own unique touch on it. Our wedding was so personal.

“This is where Zoë has her fondest memories,” Will continued. “And it’s now become our place together.” Added Zoë: “We have our own version of Martha’s Vineyard.”


Wedding Date: September 17, 2022
Ceremony + Reception: Privates Homes
Photographer: David Welch
Second Photographer: Luke DiOrio
Flowers: Aubrey Maria Designs/Donaroma’s
Tent + Party Supplies: Tilton Tents and Party Rentals
Caterer: ArtCliff Diner
Raw Bar: Clambulance
Cake + Dessert: Cakes by Liz + Back Door Donuts
Music: Sound Society Band
Videographer: JayNandex Films
Libations: Offshore Ale Co. + Vintage MV Wine & Spirits
Rehearsal Dinner: Nomans
Activity: Beamish Charters