Where Did You Get That?

Bubbly bevs on the move.

For many couples, the “something old” incorporated into a wedding day is often a piece of jewelry worn by the bride, an heirloom locket tied onto a bouquet, or a swatch of fabric from a grandparent sewn into the gown. But for Emmy Masarik and Mike Yanez, they wanted the “something old” at their May 2022 wedding to be a gift everyone could enjoy.

Enter the Bubbly Brit: a vintage French Citroën HY van converted into a pastel-blue mobile champagne and cocktail bar.

“The Bubbly Brit was truly a wow factor at our wedding reception,” said Emmy. “From the moment we saw the beautifully decorated vintage van, Mike and I were thrilled with how perfectly the vibrant and unique vibe…fit in with our colorful and fun wedding reception aesthetic.”

The couple’s reception was held at a private residence on Edgartown Bay Road, and from its spot on the lawn, the vintage van played the role of satellite bar to entice guests to enjoy the outdoor area of the reception while sipping flutes of Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label and Veuve Clicquot Rosé (the bride’s favorite).

“[Guests] loved having the opportunity to try different types of champagne and look at the unique, vintage details on the truck; how often do you get to see a real Citroën van these days?” said Emmy.

The total cost for the Bubbly Brit to serve for three hours was $2,975 (this includes the van, staff, and glassware; the couple provided the champagne themselves). But the pictures and memories that went along with it? Those were priceless.

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