Say Yes: Natalie Lauren & Chelsey

A surprise beachside proposal with Atlanta origins.

Natalie Lauren Sims first met Chelsey Hall through mutual friends in Atlanta. “We didn’t start dating...until two years later,” said Natalie Lauren. But after only a year, she knew there was no doubt that Chelsey was the one.

She wanted to propose on Martha’s Vineyard, which was where they had their first vacation together. “We went for about a week and I fell in love with the Island and with Chelsey,” she said.

Last August, when Chelsey was here for work, Natalie Lauren collaborated with her coworkers to create a fake fundraising event to get Chelsey dressed up for the proposal. Wanting to capture the moment, she hired photographer Larisa Stinga.

On the day of, Natalie Lauren convinced Chelsey to go to the beach to take photos before the “event.” “Larissa was hiding and we walked the beach towards the floral arch [created by Morrice Florist in Vineyard Haven] and I proposed!” she exclaimed.

Of course, Chelsey said yes.