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Ask the Expert: Behind the Music

From traditional to eclectic, DJ Smooth B brings joy and funk to the dance floor.

Sterling Bishop, a.k.a. DJ Smooth B, started making playlists and spinning beats in the ’90s. Back then, he was his friends’ go-to guy for making mixtapes, and also worked for his local college radio station. Fifteen years ago, he moved to the Island and turned his love of music into a full-service disc jockey business that pops off professional quality sound for events of all types and sizes. Here, he breaks down the role a DJ plays at a wedding reception.

How would you describe your style, and how does it set you apart from other DJs?

My style is referred to as “open format,” which means I can play all musical genres to any audience.

How can a couple get a feel for your style? Do you provide videos or playlists of previous weddings?

I have several mixes online that can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube, or I can make a small sample playlist for a couple if requested.

Is it standard for you to meet with couples in person prior to the wedding?

Yes! I believe that it is mandatory to meet with the couple prior to their wedding day. I always ask couples to meet in person, via Zoom, or, at the very least, over the phone.

What is your process for planning a reception’s set list? Do couples provide you with songs they want and do-not-want to hear?

Every event is different, so it is important to curate each playlist to the musical preferences of the couple. I ask couples for a list of approximately ten artists and ten “must play” songs, or together we build a Spotify playlist. Most importantly, I always ask couples to provide me with a list of songs and/or artists they do not want played at their event.

What is your song request policy?

I always ask the couple if they would like me to take song requests from guests. If it’s okay with them, I am happy to take requests as long as they can fit the theme and mood of the event.

Do you coordinate a sound check/walk-through of the venue with the planner and/or couple? What is your backup plan if weather is an issue at an outdoor reception?

Coordinating with other vendors and the event planner is important for a successful wedding reception. If a venue is new to me, I will make a visit before the event to coordinate placement for my setup, event schedule, parking, dinner, and any potential issues that may arise. In the event of inclement weather, I carry a tent as part of my outdoor setup.

What is your fee structure? Is being the emcee included in your services?

Each wedding is different, so I work closely with the couple to find the best price based on their needs. My services are not itemized and I prefer to work with a flat rate to make it less stressful for everyone.

I also include emcee services as part of each wedding package and customize the script for each couple.

Do you require couples to have liability insurance?

I do not. However, I do require couples to sign a contract that includes language regarding damage to equipment.

What’s your cancellation policy?

In the event that a couple needs to cancel their wedding, my contract states that deposits are non-refundable, and a two-week notice is required in order to refund any other funds paid towards the event.

How many breaks do you take during an event? What do you use as filler?

I do not typically take breaks during events. However, if I do need a break, I have pre-recorded mixes that are about ten minutes long that I can use when necessary.

How do you encourage a shy crowd to get up and dance?

I have my secret strategies to encourage crowd participation (hint: there are certain songs that help).

What’s your most memorable wedding or event you’ve DJed on the Island?

There have been so many...which makes it so difficult to choose. If I had to choose one, it would be a private event filled with celebrities and top political individuals.

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