Brittney & Brandon

With Covid altering their original wedding plans, Brittney and Brandon decided to elope.

Brittney Bright and Brandon Gibson met on an online dating site, and quickly became inseparable. In 2019, they got engaged and planned to have a wedding in late 2020 or early 2021. But, like so many other couples, Covid altered their plans.

Why did you decide to elope on Martha’s Vineyard? “With continued health concerns due to Covid, we decided to reframe our idea of our wedding day from a celebration shared by many to an intimate moment where we could focus on just us,” said Brittney. “Since we started dating, Martha’s Vineyard has been a place for us to get away from the everyday demands and slow down and reconnect. We call it our happy place. So, we chose to enter this next chapter and get married in a place that always brings us peace.”

Tell us a little about your day: “We each spent the morning separately on the phone chatting and FaceTiming with friends and family reaching out to send us their well wishes,” said Brittney. “We took separate cars to Brandon’s family home for our ceremony, and after our ceremony we shared our first dance and cut our cake! Following the cake cutting, we traveled the Island with our photographer taking photos and ended our day with dinner at our favorite restaurant on the Island, Atria. The restaurant even printed menus with our names on them! And Island Ambiance had a beautiful centerpiece and candles on the table when we arrived.”


Wedding Date: June 1, 2022
Ceremony: Private Home
Dinner: Atria
Photographer: Katherine Brackman
Wedding Planner: Timeless Event Planning
Officiant: Laura Assade  
Flowers: Island Ambiance
Party Supplies: Big Sky Tent and Party Rentals
Makeup: Jammika Dorcelus
Cake: Val Cakes