Randi Baird


Say Yes: Akela + Christopher

Christopher Scantling and Akela Moore have history together. The two dated in high school but ended things in college. “We stopped speaking for twelve years and happened to see one another at a mutual friend’s birthday party in May of 2018,” said Christopher. After that chance encounter, they rekindled their friendship – and soon after that, their relationship.

As a couple, they enjoy traveling. For the Fourth of July, they paid their first visit to Martha’s Vineyard. “I knew that I was going to pop the question that weekend,” Christopher said. After a meal at Nancy’s Restaurant in Oak Bluffs, they walked to the Summercamp hotel. There, Island photographer Randi Baird was waiting to capture the moment Christopher asked Akela to marry him. Afterward, they walked through the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Ground to take photos among the colorful cottages. The couple plans to marry in Brooklyn in October 2022.