Say Yes: Christina + Derek

Derek Andrade knew Christina Lyons was the one when she easily accepted his crazy work schedule while he was enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. The couple dated long distance for two years, seeing each other in person only a few months each year and communicating otherwise via FaceTime. It was tough, he said, but they made it work.

“Once I had bought the ring, I was so excited and knew I wouldn’t want to propose anywhere but on the Island where I was born,” Derek said. After dinner at the Atlantic restaurant in Edgartown, they walked out to the Edgartown Lighthouse, where photographer Larisa Stinga was waiting. “As I got down on one knee, Larisa sprang into action and captured the best photos and best moment of my life.”

Christina said “yes” and the couple eloped on August 20, 2019, but are planning a big wedding for family and friends when such gatherings are once again possible.