Jessica K. Feiden


Expert Advice: Wedding Day Do's

Picture yourself on your wedding day: long flowing white train, elegant heels, a perfect manicure, a striking updo. Or is it a simple sheath, stylish wedges, and romantic soft waves? Whether you prefer a birdcage or a lace veil, a flower crown or a bespoke comb, there’s no right way to achieve optimal bridal style. But there are plenty of do’s, don’ts, and tricks of the trade. Salissa King of Sea Spa Salon breaks them down.

What are the most popular wedding hairstyles for Vineyard brides?

Most of our brides ask for a laid-back Island feel, as you could imagine, with our picturesque farm to beach setting. They want a soft style that can look pretty when the Island breeze hits their hair, and oftentimes they will ask for a braid to complete the look.

Any styles you don’t recommend?

We always ask the bride what they don’t want, and usually the first thing that comes to mind is “prom hair.” What is prom hair? It's loosely defined as tacky, hard constructed, hair-sprayed-too-much hair!

How important is a consultation? If you’re on a budget, can you skip it?

If you are on a budget, a consultation is not completely necessary, as we are well versed in how to make a bride look her best on the day-of. A consultation is a luxury you can allow yourself if you don't want to discuss the details on your wedding day. Most brides would rather spend that time sipping mimosas and kidding with their bridesmaids than deciding what looks better. A consultation eases that anxiety.

Hair accessories, yay or nay?

Accessories are more popular now as many brides decide to not wear a veil, but they can also be nice when the veil comes off for the reception. An embellishment as simple as a single flower can really make a style come to life.

What are your best pre-wedding beauty tips for brides?

Plenty of water and eye masks are a must! You know the day before the wedding you will be celebrating, and that fun can show in the eyes the next day. An eye mask will soften any weariness that may show in photos. We are also fans of lash extensions and the addition of hair extensions, if necessary, to give a polished look. 

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