Ways to Save: Flowers

Simplify Bouquets

“Not everyone has to carry flowers,” says Jennifer Kennedy, wedding consultant for Flowers by Donaroma’s in Edgartown. Consider having bridesmaids carry smaller bouquets, single stems, corsages, or putting flowers in their hair.

Stick to Local and Seasonal

The harder to find, the farther it has to travel, the more expensive the bloom. Ask your florist for in-season alternatives.

Repurpose Arrangements

Check if aisle decorations can be reused at the reception, or whether bouquets can be included in the tablescapes.

Go high and Low

A few big, showy flowers can make a big impact. Consider splurging on your favorites, and supplementing with low-cost filler flowers or greenery.

Choose Your "Wow" Moments

A big bouquet can take up to five or six hours to complete, says Aubrey Maria Sirois, owner of Aubrey Maria Designs. Brides should take that into consideration and determine whether they want to put the money for labor into their own bouquets, or spend it on tablescapes instead.

Go for Natural Beauty

If you’re getting married in a reception hall, you might need all the flower power you can get. On the Vineyard, chances are you'll be under a tent, or by the ocean. Mother Nature already provided the beauty – take advantage of it.

Ask Your Florist

Dreaming of a flower wall? A hanging chandelier for your tent? Don’t give up hope till you ask. Delicate cuts elsewhere may make it possible.

This article was originally published along with the article Wedding Flowers 101.