Choosing a Vineyard Color Scheme

Finding a color scheme for your celebration can be as easy as letting the beauty of nature guide you.

Sea Glass

Soft blues and greens can help to create an elegant, breezy feeling suggestive of the Island’s waters and windswept shores and the treasures to be found upon them.

(Photos by Kelley DeBettencourt)


Let the hues of the ocean and the Island’s ponds, streams, and harbors inspire your color
choices, and imbue your celebration with the joy found in sailing, swimming, and sunning.

(Photos by Kristen Leigh Conklin)


In earlier times, the Wampanoag tribe of Martha’s Vineyard made purple and white quahaug shells into beads called wampum, which were used as currency. These days, Island artists use wampum to make exquisite jewelry and accessories.

(Photos by Elizabeth Cecil)

(Photos by Ashley Tilton)

Beach Roses and Sunsets

Rosa rogusa, aka the beach rose, grows along the shores and grassy dunes of the Island, adding pockets of color from pale pink, to soft orange, to fuchsia – the same colors you might see spread across the Menemsha sky at sunset.

(Photo by Kelley DeBettencourt)

(Photo by Kristen Leigh Conklin)