Tim Correira


Abby & Jared

June 21, 2014
Ceremony + Reception: Katama Airfield

Abby Brown and Jared Stobie’s story is set against the backdrop of picturesque Martha’s Vineyard, where they both grew up. And though they didn’t fall in love until much later, it all began when they were young teens and Jared became friends with Abby’s brother Chris, who is three years her junior. It wasn’t until Chris’s twenty-seventh birthday celebration in 2012 that Abby realized Jared was more than just that “dorky younger friend.” He’s still a little dorky, she says, and it’s a quality she loves. They live in East Weymouth, Massachusetts, and share passions for hunting and exploring their adventuresome sides. Jared worked at Katama Airfield during high school and the couple thought it would be the perfect location for their Vineyard wedding. They love the open space and the rustic character of the old biplanes. Jared’s former boss and owner of the airfield, Mike Creato, flew them in for the ceremony. Mike performed a few tricks in the air and set the tone for the entire celebration, which had a peaceful, magical flow to it.


Photographer: Tim Correira
Wedding Planners: Tania Tilton + Stephanie Rossi
Caterer: Smoke ‘N Bones