David Welch


Liz & Caitlin

Ceremony, + Reception: Benjamin Fletcher Mayhew House

Last October, Liz Kittleman and Caitlin Jackson stood hand-in-hand atop a hill in Chilmark as a newly married couple. But for years they shook hands after lacrosse matchups as strangers and university rivals.

“The [lacrosse] programs we came from were arch, arch, arch rivals,” says Liz.

“Like the Red Sox and the Yankees,” adds Caitlin.    

While Liz coached at Penn State, Caitlin played on the Northwestern team. After six games as competitors, they were formally introduced in 2010. Their love for lacrosse and art attracted the two to each other from the start.

“Caitlin is an active artist and I like to consider myself a creative person,” says Liz. “And our wedding was one big art project.”

It started with the invitations, with Caitlin’s drawing of the rented farmhouse in Chilmark where they would be married. On the card, guests had two choices to RSVP: not around or Vineyard-bound. Both women had spent time on the Island, and took their first vacation as a couple here.

Their gowns were coordinated with Caitlin in white and Liz in lavender. The couple created tile coasters as guest favors, painted the wedding table signs, and set up games like cornhole and croquet around the yard. And once the hundred guests arrived, many pitched in to help.
A team of friends formed an assembly line to finish the coasters and hand-carved stamps, Liz’s brother collected stones to line the ceremony aisle, and others roamed the property for wood scraps and pallets that became the arbor and tables. For the newlyweds, the dedication and help from their loved ones made the wedding extra special.

“The collaborative effort that went into it was the best part,” says Liz. “That’s where you feel such genuine love. You feel it when everybody is sitting behind you when you’re getting married. And you feel it when they are surrounding you on the dance floor during the first dance. And in the days leading up, where the house was buzzing with friends and family with open arms saying, ‘What can we do?’”

“And some of that is totally because of the Vineyard,” says Caitlin. “If you get people away from their work and their kids, they are going to be present.”

“You might complain a little about getting here,” adds Liz. “But there is something created by getting on that boat and getting to the Island. Now you are away. You are here to celebrate.”


Photographer: David Welch
Rehearsal Dinner: Benjamin Fletcher Mayhew House
Caterer: Annie Foley Catering and Party Planning
Brunch: Harbor View Hotel
Cake: Soigné
Flowers: MV Florist & Gifts
Music: DJ Kevin Cusson of C-Zone Music
Rentals: Seaside Celebrations Tent & Party Rentals + Dottie’s Potties
Transportation: Adam Cab